Thursday, January 20, 2011

UNTV-37, and Department of Education (DepEd) Dunong Gulong Takes the 1ST Again in Philippines Public Service

Daniel Razon (Kuya)with the DepEd representative during the signing of the project

The DepEd-UNTV Dunong Project:

Objective: Conceptualized to extend the hand of Department of Education ( DepEd) in the Philippines rural areas thru Alternative Learning System. The ALS program of DepEd is the novel approach to deliver education services to learners who are outside the formal school system.

The actual picture of the Mobile Education Bus

Who will benefits?

1. Those out-of-school youths and adult learners.

2. To those illiterates, school drop-outs, indigenous people and those with physical disabilities. It will also carry programs for adolescents, Muslim migrants, parents and disadvantaged children.

Brief Description of the Customized Buses:

The two “Dunong Gulong” ALS “school-on-wheels”(Two new Hyundai buses worth P6.5 million each)
is equipped with state-of-the art learning tools,
generator for power supply, folding chairs and tables, a toilet and a sleeping quarter.
It is designed to stay for a month in the targeted area for the enhanced delivery of learning modules.

The Interior View of the customized bus

UNTV is continually and consistently rendering daily free medical and legal services, free rides in buses, jeepneys, boats, MRT and even airplanes, free transient home and free college education and has just launched the “Dunong Gulong” a mobile school for out of school youth in far-flung places under an “Alternative Learning System” in partnership with the Department of Education.

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