Thursday, January 27, 2011

Libreng Sakay ( Free Ride )only @ MCGI & UNTV-37, Not On the Other Network

UNTV has three public buses that give free rides to early commuters bound either north or south along the entire stretch of EDSA every day. Furthermore, an air-conditioned jeep going around Metro Manila has also been launched. To top it all, Libreng sakay jeeps, boats, tricycles and mini-buses are positioned and are ready to serve in different parts of the land. Libreng Sakay features reporters who directly report to the program the ongoing development in our public service vehicles. A first in the Philippines!

Where in the world can you find an underrated religious organization and a small television network that providing a " Libreng Sakay " (free ride) program to some selected urban and rural areas in the Philippines.

This unprofitable act of serving others is truly unmatched in terms of sincerity. Others might do some kind of duplicating act to at least equal this kind of public service but MCGI and Untv37 was not move by their actions, believing in the saying that " The more the merrier " and the more people would benefit.

This kind of public service is I may say a breakthrough in Philippines Media. Many of the ideas, concept and presentations are definitely original. Knowing that this organization is in fact have a lot of financial responsibilities propagating the World of God in the whole world they still manage to do such of of doing good not only to the members of their organization but for the non-members as well.

As I watch sometimes to one of their program, I say to myself they doing it very naturally, it shows on the way they talk and act what is written on their heart.
And I concluded on my thought that their heart is at ease,clean, and pure that's why it manifest on their deeds. And if they heart is clean then they're most probably taught of the true teaching by their preacher. And if their preacher can in plant to them good virtues and beliefs and that include loving and doing good to others, the only possibilities is he knows the true God in the bible. How great is their God I said...


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