Friday, January 21, 2011

Public Service Announcement Drugs / Free Medical Services / Blood Donations, The On-Going UNTV-37 Public Service to Humanity

The Philippine Movie Press Club Inc. recognizing what UNTV-37 contribution to public service in the Philippine has awarded the station with three major award last 24th PMPC Star Award for Television

1. The Best Male Newscaster -
Mr. Daniel S. Razon, UNTV CEO and Icon in Philippine Media, is known as Mr. Public Service because of his widespread and genuine charitable & humanitarian works. It includes free medical mission, free ride on buses, mrt and would you believe also in airplane where on earth could you possibly found such kind of graciousness to mankind

2. The Best Morning Show – “Good Morning Kuya” (GMK), which is primarily hosted also by Daniel Razon, the certified “Kuya” (Big Brother) ng Bayan.

3. The Best Public Service Program – “Bitag”, hosted by Ben Tulfo, another brave and intelligent media personality and sometimes tagged as harsh and aggressive because of his active and prompt personality

Aside from that UNTV-37 also features another program in medical service along with Department of Health (DOH) to facilitate for the indigent patient in the Philippines.

Clinic ni Kuya offers a whole-day free medical service open to the public. Volunteer doctors come to offer their services and treat patients from all walks of life. Best of all, indigent patients can avail of these health services - absolutely free.

Members Church of God International (MCGI) and UNTV-37 also support the Philippine National Redcross on its nationwide campaign for blood donors
In its effort to save lives, MCGI is now the number one blood donor in the Philippines acknowledged by the Philippine National Red Cross.

UNTV37, MCGI with the help of government institution like the DOH, PDEA, Red Cross
will surely deliver more public service for humanitarian benefits. May this dedicated act and true meaning of public service continue and prosper with the help of God


  1. I'm proud of UNTV for helping others with free medical services. I salute you for being one of the most reliable TV stations acting as public servants.

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